[Petitfee] Gold & EGF Eye & Spot Patch 60 ea
With polymer technology, skin firms from high-concentrated essence ingredients. For fragile skin around the eyes, moisture is replenished while elasticity is increased. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. Offer your parched skin an intensely hydrationg infusion of moisture...
$20.00 $9.90
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[Elizavecca] Milky Piggy Pure Hydro Gel Bouncy Eye Patch 20 ea
Formulated with collagen to revitalize and improve appearance around eyes Moisturizing under eye by Hydro-gel Anti aging wrinkle efficacy by collagen Suggest Use After wash your face, clean your skin with toner. Peel off the plastic backing from the eye...
$18.50 $9.00
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[Jayjun] Green Tea Eye Gel Patch (60ea)
Exposure to pollutants can occur both outside and inside. The green tea extract can help strengthen the delicate skin underneath your eyes with this moisture-drenched hydrogel eye patch. #Brightening #Hydrating #Revitalizing Green tea leaf powder - to help soothe irritated...
$28.00 $24.00
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[Jayjun] Roselle Tea Eye Gel Patch (60ea)
Help boost and strengthen the skin underneath your eye with this firming, moisture-drenched hydrogel eye patch. Brighten and keep your skin protected. Provide special care to those areas that easily lose firmness - under/between the eyes, around the mouth, etc. The...
$28.00 $24.00
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[BENTON] Snail Bee Ultimate Hydrogel Eye Patch (60ea)
Water-soluble hydrogel eye patch, derived from seaweeds, that contains Snail Secretion Filtrate Ferment Filtrate which is excellent for protecting skin and absorption, and essence from botanical ingredients nourish and firm skin. Snail Secretion Filtrate Ferment Filtrate: Helps skin recover, protects,...
$28.00 $19.00
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[Heimish] Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch 60 ea
Whenever and wherever! Soothes your troubled skin.Rose ingredients provides to your skin strong moisturizing and nourishment. Intensive wrinkle care + whitening care. No harmful Ingredients. Eco-friendly 100% water-soluble hydro-gel patch. Can be applied not only under your eyes but other place...
$20.00 $14.50
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[MERBLISS] Wedding Tear Eye Patch 60 ea
Micro-fiber sheet that is 150 times thinner than normal sheet to deliver the full nutrition effect of the essence to your skin. Deliver the essence infused with plentiful vitamins to your skin to revitalize the tired skin. Aloe Honey: Eye Patch infused...
$20.00 $15.00
  • Aloe Honey
  • Pink
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[Petitfee] Gold & Snail Eye Patch 60 ea
15-minute water recharging for dry eye rim Turning stiff eye shapes to soft ones with 24K gold & snail Giving dry and rough eye rims a sleek line Ice-cooling effects Hydrogel  containing seaweed - Skin-fridndly pure hydrogel Elastic jelly formulation...
$20.00 $9.80
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[Medi-Peel] Hyaluron Aqua Peptide Eye Patch
MEDI-PEEL Hyaluron Aqua Peptide Eye Patch is a hahydrating and firming eye patch for your skin. Containing 7 types of hyaluron solutions, this patch helps with brightening the area around your eyes while the Peptide9 solution gives your skin the nutrient...
  • Aqua
  • Cica
  • Dark Benone
  • Rose
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[Avajar] Perfect V lifting Premium Eye Mask 1 ea
Eye Patch is not a choice, no it's a must have! Don't just stick patches. Now you can stretch and pull! Special fabric that aids in lift in the skin. Brightening & wrinkles & elasticity care all at once. One...
$8.00 $2.00
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[VT COSMETICS] Super Hyalon Eye Patch 5 ea
Powerful moisture care for eye area SUPER HYALON EYE PATCH which cares around eyes moistly by delivering full of moisture and moisturizing energy to weak skin around eyes. The clear and cool hydration from the hydrogel sheet makes eyes lively...
$15.00 $8.10
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