[VT COSMETICS] VT Cica Cream 50ml
Give trouble skin a gentle and comfortable soothing care Feel moisture from the finger tips Non-greasy, Non-oily, A oil & water balancing cream VT Calming Skincare Exclusive Ingredients: CICALIAO™  Suggest Use Apply adequate amount to the face in the morning,...
$28.00 $14.00
[VT COSMETICS] VT Cica Mask Pack 10 ea
Refresh your skin with one mask sheet! Tencel Gauze Fabric Sheet: Prefect for Sensitive Skin + All types of Skin.High quality & high density mask keep your skin moisturized. 4-OUT CICA Emulsion Gentle Skin Calming care CICA Emulsion that formulated...
$35.00 $16.99
[VT COSMETICS] VT Cica Daily Soothing Mask 30 ea
Stronger moisturizng + soothing solution It will soothe and comfort skin effectively. Quick soothing care for tired and dry skin. Moisture layering care with moist water essence. 30 sheets of pull-out type daily special mask which delivers moisture to dry...
$27.00 $24.00
[VT COSMETICS] Super Hyalon Skin Care Set
 Moisture solution starts to solve all the problems! Gamma-PGA(Polyglutamic acid) and 8 kinds of hyaluronic acids are added, it layers moisture neatly an keeps moisture in the skin. 2 STEP SKIN CARE SET: SUPER MOISTURIZING makes moist skin without tightness...
$48.00 $24.00
[VT COSMETICS] L'ATELIER DES SUBTILS EAU DE SET 50ml [BTS Member Acrylic Standee (Random)] - Coton (Jin)
 Created in collaboration with BTS, this perfume collection delivers charming scents. Eau d'Océan: Consists of bergamot, lily, algae and rose that delivers a refreshing floral scent. Eau de Citrus: Consists of lemon, elemi, bergamot and parsley as top notes that...
  • Coton (Jin)
  • Ocean (Jungkook)
  • Citrus (J-Hope)
  • Bois (RM)
  • + 1
[VT COSMETICS] Super Hyalon Mask 6 ea
Moisturizing ampoule mask that delivers rich moisture and moisturizing energy to dry, light-lost skin and makes skin glow. Moisture fit mask which delivers energy with rich moisture to dry skin to make moisturizing skin. Ampoule formular with rich moisture delivers...
$24.00 $12.00
[VT COSMETICS] Super Hyalon Cream 55ml
Keep moisture in the skin G:H8 is contained Moist radiant skin texture moisture energy up Delivers moisture and nutrients to skin at once bluish moisturizing capsule Suggest Use Take some of it at the last step of skincare in the...
$29.00 $14.50
[VT COSMETICS] Super Hyalon Sleeping Mask 4ml * 20 ea
Moisture sleeping mask which makes your skin lively by controlling oil and moisture balance of the skin by relieving dry skin. Make moist and comfortable skin by applying the sleeping mask daily which is available use conveniently and helping intensive...
$24.00 $12.00
[VT COSMETICS] VT Cica Skin 200ml - 200ml
CICA Toner that formulated with exclusive ingredients "CICALIAO™" to help soothe and strengthen the skin protective barrier. Refine skin texture Provide soothing & moisturizing care Suggest Use Soak a cotton pad with toner, then swipe it over your entire face,...
$28.00 $14.00
  • 200ml
[VT COSMETICS] VT Cica Mild Toner Pad 60 ea
Care dead cell & sebum cleanly with BHA Acidulous moisture toner considered skin Bumpy embossing cotton which each side is different Suggest Use After washing, use the embossing side of the pad to gently massage your face in a circular...
$18.00 $9.00
[VT COSMETICS] VT Cica Emulsion 200ml
CICA Emulsion is a very lightweight, water fluid type emulsion that absorbs easily and gives you a boost of moisture. It provides 2 levels of moisture to strengthen your skin barrier with added ingredients Panthenol & Beta-Glucan.This light but intense...
$30.00 $15.00
Blooming's Pick
[VT COSMETICS] VT Cica Capsule Mask 10 ea
Cica Capsule Mask is a wash-off cream mask. It clears dead skin and sebum. The addition of green tea and clay ingredient ensure your skin retains moisture after using it! VT COSMETICS CICA Capsule Mask Helps to calm tired skin...
$28.00 $14.00
[VT COSMETICS] VT Cica Mild Cleansing Water 500ml
VT CICA Mild Cleansing Water with refreshing water texture could deep cleanse the dirt but keep your skin moisture at one time. Suggest Use Apply appropriate amount on palms, add some water to create a thick foam. Apply foam on...
$18.00 $9.00
[VT COSMETICS] Super Hyalon Ampoule 1.5ml X 6 ea
The bouncy moisture ampoule which delivers moist radiance to dry skin and makes skin radiant by caring oil and moisture balance It contains hyaluronic acid and Centella extracts, which help to purify and hydrate the skin and moisturize the skin...
$12.00 $6.00
[VT COSMETICS] Super Hyalon 7 Days Mask 7ea
Water moisturizing radiance mask provides vitalizing skin because it helps intensive moisture care on the skin. Light and refreshing water texture. Double layered fiber increases adherence to skin. G:H8: Gamma-PGA(Polyglutamic acid) and 8 kinds of hyaluronic acids are added, it...
$12.00 $6.00
[VT COSMETICS] Super Hyalon Foam Cleanser 300ml
The moisture foam cleanser which the creamy foam which blue capsules are contained cleanses bodily waste in the pores and cares skin texture moistly Keep moisture in the skin G:H8 is contained Pore and sebum care create smooth skin The...
$17.00 $8.50
[VT COSMETICS] Super Hyalon Capsule Mask 10 ea
The moisture clay mask which helps to smooth out skin texture by caring sebum and hydration at the same time and supplies clear and refreshing vitalizing energy.  Smooth out greasy sebum cleanly and make clear skin by leaving moisture on...
$25.00 $12.50
[VT COSMETICS] Super Hyalon Renew Serum 1.5ml X 28 ea
The vitalizing serum for 28 days of intensive care which its moist hydration is absorbed in the skin softly, delivers transparent light, and increases moisture radiance. Keep moisture in the skin G:H8 is contained Moist supply clear moisture beam coating...
$26.00 $13.00
[VT COSMETICS] Super Hyalon Ampoule 50ml
The bouncy moisture ampoule which cares skin comfortably and vitalizing by delivering clear moisture and fills skin with nutrition from the moisturizing capsules Keep moisture in the skin G:H8 is contained Dense moisture formula which keeps moisture not to evaporated...
$28.00 $14.00
[VT COSMETICS] Super Hyalon Eye Patch 5 ea
Powerful moisture care for eye area SUPER HYALON EYE PATCH which cares around eyes moistly by delivering full of moisture and moisturizing energy to weak skin around eyes. The clear and cool hydration from the hydrogel sheet makes eyes lively...
$15.00 $7.50
[VT COSMETICS] VT Cica Sleeping Mask Moisture (4ml *20ea)
An individually packed sleeping mask pack gives deep, long-lasting hydration. Formulated with 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid and Centella Asiatica Extract to soothe and hydrate dry skin. Suggested Use Prep your skin with toner after cleansing. Spread the formula evenly...
$26.00 $13.00
[VT COSMETICS] VT Pro Cica Sheet Mask 6 ea
Achieve a silky smooth skin concentrated refreshing skin care with CICA Mask! Unlike other kinds of face masks made from non-woven fabrics, CICA mask is made from soft and low irritant gauze seal fabrics and it is good at holding...
$24.00 $12.00
Blooming's Pick
[VT COSMETICS] VT Cica Spot Patch 1 ea
Say, care! Reduce irritation, more powerful care CICA care solution.  Quantity and Sphere : 10mm*18EA + 12mm * 30EA A remedy for acne-prone skin, these transparent, weightless spot patches protect troubled skin from external stressors, fight infection by absorbing impurities...
$8.40 $4.20
[VT COSMETICS] VT Cica Essence Sun 60ml
  VT CICA Care Essence Sun Cream Super SPF 50+ PA+++ Summer Sun Blocking Sunscreen Resistant UV Sun Screen Cream Hydrated Isolation Cream, 60ml The cream helps protect against harmful UVA/UVB rays. Hydrated Isolation, water resistant and sweat proof. Refreshing...
$34.00 $17.00

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