[Jayjun] Green Tea Eye Gel Patch (60ea)
Exposure to pollutants can occur both outside and inside. The green tea extract can help strengthen the delicate skin underneath your eyes with this moisture-drenched hydrogel eye patch. #Brightening #Hydrating #Revitalizing Green tea leaf powder - to help soothe irritated...
$28.00 $18.99
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[Jayjun] Rose Blossom Mask 10 ea
Rose water??¢s excellent skin softening power makes your skin smooth and by supplying nutrients to dry and rough skin, it brightens up your skin. Also, this mask pack nourishes and moisturizes tired skin from external environment with Betaine and its...
$30.00 $19.99
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[Jayjun] Roselle Tea Eye Gel Patch (60ea)
Help boost and strengthen the skin underneath your eye with this firming, moisture-drenched hydrogel eye patch. Brighten and keep your skin protected. Provide special care to those areas that easily lose firmness - under/between the eyes, around the mouth, etc. The...
$28.00 $17.99
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[Jayjun] Intensive Shining Mask 10 ea
Make your skin visibly brighter and glow with Jayjun Baby Pure Shining Mask! Included are essence, mask, and eye cream - all steps to basic skincare. This 3-step mask brightens, rejuvenates, and moisturizes. A 3-STEP moisture care with essence, mask and...
$30.00 $18.99
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[Jayjun] Real Water Brightening Black Mask 10 ea
A thirst quenching mini facial treatment for your skin! A 3-step treatment to cleanse, brighten and nourish your complexion. Formulated with the precious, mineral-rich lava seawater from Jeju-Island, this sheet mask provides intensive hydration and soothing effects all at once....
$35.00 $20.99
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[Jayjun] Gold Snow Black Mask 5 ea
The mask pack essence which contains pure gold soothes irritated skin and makes your tired skin clear and bright by supplying energy. It is a luxurious mask pack that also contains Black Pearl First Repair Serum which gives ample amount...
$40.00 $21.60
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