[SOMEBYMI] Repair Treatment 180g

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The treatment improve your damaged and frizzy hair to a silky and shiny hair in a minute. This Miracle Repair Treatment fill the gaps of the cuticle layer in hair with protein, and deliver moisture and nourishment with the highly concentrated botanical oils and nature derive extracts, to improve the rough hair.
  • Contains 3 vegetable proteins, 11 natural extracts, 13 vegetable oils.
  • Hydrolyzed proteins (beans, wheat, corn) are quickly absorbed to the deepest part of the hair to tightly fill the cleaved keratin chains and supply proteins.
  • Aloe vera, Saururus chinensis, and so on. Deliver nutrition and moisturizing moisture.
  • Camellia seed oil, avocado oil and other vegetable oil ingredients are healthy and elastic hair.

Suggest Use

  1. Daily Treatment: After shampoo, squeeze out water. Apply treatment and gently touch and massage hair for 1 min. Rinse.
  2. Intensive Treatment 1: Apply treatment and cover hair with vinyl cap. Leave it for 15~20 min and rinse.)
  3. Intensive Treatment 2: For stronger effect, apply treatment and use dryer or other heat-treatment device for 10 min. Leave hair for another 5 min in natural air and rinse.)

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