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[Biodance] Bio-Collagen Real Deep Mask (4ea)

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    Sheet mask


DEEP HYDRATION: The oligo-hyaluronic acid found in the Biodance Bio-Collagen Real Deep Mask has a moisturizing effect that is superior to that of regular hyaluronic acid. It quickly hydrates the skin's surface and penetrates deeper layers of skin resulting in a healthy and moisturized complexion.

PORE TIGHTENING & FIRMING: Ultra-low molecular collagen maximizes skin penetration and absorption. It refines enlarged pores, improves skin elasticity instantly after application and visibly smooths out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

STRENGTHEN THE SKIN’S BARRIER: Our hydrogel mask contains 3 different kinds of probiotics that strengthen the skin’s barrier and prevent skin aging.

HYPOALLERGENIC: This deep hydrating facial mask is formulated with non-toxic & non-irritant ingredients. It is free of allergic reaction-causing ingredients and 19 other harsh, controversial ingredients. It is completely safe for sensitive skin.
Biodance skincare products focus on the balance of effective ingredients and long-lasting results beyond temporary effects.

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Suggested use

After finishing your skincare routine, apply the collagen mask on your skin and let it absorb for about 3~4 hours before removing it.
Tip. Using it as a sleep mask in the last step of your skincare routine will make it even more effective.


This is a probiotic collagen mask containing ultra-low molecular weight collagen and Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate.
A product containing triple probiotic complex and oligo hyaluronic acid for a vibrant skin solution.
Contains 50,000 PPM of Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate to help with skin hydration, elasticity, and brightening.
Contains 50,000 PPM of ultra-low molecular weight collagen, maximizing penetration and absorption.
Contains 5% oligo hyaluronic acid, providing a powerful instant moisturizing effect.
Contains a triple probiotic complex, regulating the balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria, aiding in skin vitality.

Customer Reviews

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Too hyped up


 I bought this because of the hype, I admit it. It’s a great sheet mask, the only problem with it
 It will break or rip easily because of the gummy texture of the mask SO BE CAUTIOUS AND GENTLE when removing it from the packaging and applying to the face. That’s my only issue with it. It’s cooling and soothing. I’ve used it twice and I really do like it. If you enjoy sheet masks (like myself) then it’s definitely worth trying!

Jennifer Mather
Need to get more asap

So good at night, especially if you want your skin to be deeply hydrated and glowy for a few days. I swear I’ve never felt this good after an overnight facial mask before.