New App for Verifying the Authenticity of BOJ Products

New App for Verifying the Authenticity of BOJ Products

In response to the rising instances of counterfeit sales targeting original BOJ products, the distinguished Korean brand, BOJ, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution—an application designed to empower consumers in verifying product authenticity.

Today, we're excited to guide you through the seamless process of downloading and utilizing this innovative application to discern between genuine and counterfeit items.

1. Seamlessly accessible through both the App Store and Google Play, we recommend downloading this app exclusively on your mobile phone, ensuring the most accurate verification experience—please note that tablets or iPads are not optimal for this purpose.

2. Navigating the Application:
- Effortlessly scan the QR label: Through your camera lens, focus on the QR label for a brief moment. Upon completing the scan, the application will perform a thorough authenticity check on the product.

- Authentication Assurance: Once the scan is complete, a confirmation message will appear, affirming the product's authenticity as a genuine BOJ creation. It's essential to bear in mind that if the scan encounters any issues or indicates the presence of a counterfeit product, promptly report the incident by clicking the report button.

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