Spotting Genuine Gems: Real vs. Fake SKIN1004 Centella Serum 🌿✨

Spotting Genuine Gems: Real vs. Fake SKIN1004 Centella Serum 🌿✨

Welcome, beauty enthusiasts! Today, we embark on a mission to distinguish the authentic from the counterfeit in the realm of SKIN1004 Centella Serum. As guardians of your skincare journey, we're committed to ensuring that every drop of goodness you apply comes from the genuine source. So, let's dive into the detective work and uncover the telltale signs that set the real SKIN1004 Centella Serum apart from its imitators.🚫

1. Pipette Tip:
Real: The pipette tip boasts a gentle bend, a subtle yet distinct feature.
⚠️ Fake: Beware of a pipette tip that stands tall with a straight posture, a telltale sign of a counterfeit

2. Front Label:
Real: A white, matte finish greets you, with no reflection from the back print.
⚠️ Fake: A glossy, grayish tint hints at deception, with back print casting its shadow on the front label.

3. Bottle Color:
Real: Dark brown exudes confidence, unmistakably authentic.
⚠️ Fake: Lighter shades or hints of yellow-orange betray the counterfeit nature.

4. Edge of Bottle:
Real: A sharp shoulder, akin to a right angle, stands firm.
⚠️ Fake: Rounded shoulders hint at a counterfeit concoction.

Armed with these insights, we empower you to become a SKIN1004 detective, separating the genuine from the copycat.

"Real recognize real!" 🌟✨🔍

Oh, and by the way, we're proud to be authorized by SKIN1004, so you can trust us with your skincare needs! 🛍️

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