🌟 Some Updates for Beauty of Joseon Fans! 🌟

🌟 Some Updates for Beauty of Joseon Fans! 🌟

Hey beauties! We've got some fabulous updates to share regarding the authenticity of our beloved Beauty of Joseon products. 🌸

So, Beauty of Joseon have been on a mission to tackle those pesky counterfeit concerns, and last year, they introduced QR code labels on all our goodies for that extra peace of mind. But hey, Beauty of Joseon are all about keeping things fresh and easy for you, right?

After some thoughtful consideration and feedback, Beauty of Joseon have decided to switch things up a bit. Say goodbye to QR codes and hello to something even sleeker! 💫

From now on, when you crack open that gorgeous Beauty of Joseon package, you'll be greeted with a chic, transparent sticker featuring our iconic 'BEAUTY OF JOSEON' logo in English. It's our way of sealing the deal with style!

If you ever have any questions or concerns about counterfeit issues, Beauty of Joseon's amazing customer service team is just a quick email away at cs@beautyofjoseon.com. They will keep your beauty journey smooth and authentic! ✨

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