Skinimalism: a Simple and Sustainable Beauty Routine 🌿

Skinimalism: a Simple and Sustainable Beauty Routine 🌿

In a world filled with elaborate skincare rituals and cosmetic products, the skinimalism trend stands out for its simplified approach to skincare. Instead of applying numerous products, this philosophy advocates for using multifunctional products to achieve extraordinary results. In addition to benefiting your skin, skinimalism also contributes to environmental care by reducing waste and pollution. The main idea of skinimalism is for your skin to appear fresh and radiant naturally by choosing products that serve multiple purposes in your beauty routine. 🌟✨ 🌎

How to Practice Skinimalism 🧴

Although it sounds straightforward, practicing skinimalism requires finding the right products to address your skin's specific needs.

We recommend two approaches:

1. Consult an expert: consult your dermatologist to create an efficient and minimalist routine tailored to your diagnosis or seek out products that serve multiple functions. For example, there are tinted sunscreens that protect and even out the skin, and facial cleansers that simultaneously remove makeup, purify, and balance. 💆‍♀️🧖‍♀️

2. Make sure to choose clean brands like  Mary & may, pyunkangyul,abib,  which offers products free from synthetic fragrances, toxins, parabens, and mineral oil, as well as a list of ingredients that are not considered safe or beneficial for the environment. 🌿🌱


Skinimalism is not limited to skincare but can also be applied to your makeup routine. Opt for clean products like tints that can be used on lips, cheeks, and eyes, or eyeshadows that can contour the face and fill in brows. Simplifying your beauty routine is easier than it seems, with so many options available. Joining this trend not only benefits your skin but also represents a gesture of friendliness toward the planet. 🌏🌷


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