[Heimish] Bálsamo Todo Limpio

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Un bálsamo limpiador que tiene todas las ventajas de un aceite limpiador. Perfecta y fácil limpieza múltiple en 3 pasos. Se acabaron los incómodos limpiadores que hay que abrir y cerrar enroscando el tapón. Se utiliza cómodamente al abrirse con un solo toque. Contiene 10 tipos de aceite de aroma natural que alivian la tensión y producen un efecto calmante. La manteca de karité y el extracto de coco aportan hidratación y elasticidad a la piel.

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

I have dry skin and I love that this cleanser is moisturizing without being greasy.

You got to try this

All the other cleansing items failed so far until I met this one. It's much milder than the one from Bani〇a Co.. It does not over dry or pull my skin.
I have combination skin and my skin condition tends to be sensitive time to time, and I've been using natural facial oil (jojoba) followed by wiped with hot towel (i.e. no cleansing technically). But now I have switched to using this product and so far so good. I can even use this when my face is breaking out here and there, and this product keeps the area clean. It's a win-win. Highly recommend.

Feels so clean

Easy to use and feels clean after. Had the trial size one for free then bought the regular size to use.


I was totally blown away by this cleanser. Normally I try to stay away from anything that even resembles oil, as my skin is so sensitive to oil - and breaks out terribly if oil is even in the air. So I was very hesitant to purchase this balm. What caught my eye though - and made this different from other oil based balms - was that this turns "milky" when it's touched by water. And it does!! It goes on like any other balm, but as soon as you add some water to your face (and it only takes a few drops!!) and mix it around, it turns into this creamy cleanser that is incredibly easy to wash off. And the best part? Your face actually feels clean and NOT greasy or oily!!! It's amazing and I will continue to buy it. Be aware though - you MUST FOLLOW the directions for application!! Any deviation from following the directions and it doesn't work as well, so be aware of that!! The directions are so easy though and not complicated. I highly recommend this purchase, you'll be super happy too!!

I've tried it all, this is the best

I've tried Clinique and Farmacy cleansing balms. Heimish is definitely cheaper but probably better quality. It definitely has much convenient packaging compared to the two.