[Peripera] Ink Airy Velvet
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001 Hotspot Red002 Selfie Orange Brown003 Cartoon Coral014 Rosy Pink019 Elf Light Rose020 Beautiful Coral Pink007 Heart Grapefruit (AD)+ 4 más
[Peripera] Ink Mood Matte Stick
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01 My Own Nude02 Pink Go Up03 Rose Fiction04 Don't Miss Coral05 Red Carry06 Mauve-Holic07 Top-Tier Hazel08 City Pop Chili09 Pink To Dance10 Pink Avenue11 Pink Of Course+ 8 más
[Peripera] All Take Mood Palette
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03 Burnt Breeze04 Muteful Rose05 Whisper of Milky Spring06 Cherry Cool Rush07 Nude Flexxxxx08 Better Carrot-ing09 Moonlike Lavender Pink01 Mood Brerathing+ 5 más
[Peripera] Ink The Airy Velvet Stick
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001. Coral Marshmallow002. Pink Milk Tea003. Orange Cookie004. Bestie Pink005. Burnt Tangerine006. Daily Rose007. Cinnamon Chai Tea008. Warmy Red009. Emotional Red010. Berry Powder011. Better Coral012. Naturally Healthy015. Cloudy Rose+ 10 más
[Peripera] Ink The Velvet
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01. Ladrillo bueno02. CELEB DEEP ROSE03. RED ONLY04. VITALITY CORAL05.CORALFICIAL06. PURDY RED07. Girlish Red08. SELLOUT RED09. Sparkling Pink10. Better Orange16 .Heart Fuchsia Pink29. Cocoa Nude30. Classic Nude+ 10 más
[Peripera] *NEW* Ink Mood Matte Tint (8 Colors)
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01 Peach Puree02 Ballet Pink03 Oatmeal Rose04 Soft Cedarwood05 Ginger Red06 Pink Dive07 Juicy Red08 Smoky Coral+ 5 más
[Peripera] Ink Mood Glowy Tint (3 colors)
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01 Best Beige Menu02 Cora Influencer03 Rose In Mind04 Pink Youth+ 1 más