[VT COSMETICS] Super Hyalon Renew Serum 1.5ml X 28 ea

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$26.00 $24.00

The vitalizing serum for 28 days of intensive care which its moist hydration is absorbed in the skin softly, delivers transparent light, and increases moisture radiance. Keep moisture in the skin G:H8 is contained

  • Moist supply clear moisture beam coating
  • Sanitary package use 1 pack daily, intensive care for 28 days

Suggest Use

  1. Take some of it at the next step of applying skin in the morning and at night, spread it on the entire face softly.
  2. Make the ampoule absorbed in the skin by gently dabbing face.


Main Ingredient: G:H8™

A sift in generation of Hyaluronic acid! Keep moisture in the skin!

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