[TOUN28] Hand Cleaning Gel 60ml

SKU: TO02-Sani

It is a hand cleaner that washes hands without water, brewed with edible ethanol fermented from organic grains of more than 60%.


- Cleansing without Water! Cleansing, Moisturization, At one go.
- It contains an abundant amount of ethanol, so when it vaporizes, the skin may briefly feel dry.
- Aloe vera extract, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, betaine: With natural ingredients good for moisturization, TOUN28 Hand Cleaning Gel retains moisture without any skin tightness.
- Safe with 0% of Heavy Metals. : It is a safe and clean ethanol that passed 0% heavy metal test, so rest assured even when using it on soft skin.
- A Transparent gel-type formulation allows fast drying and can be easily used for cleaning hands anywhere, whenever without water.

Suggested Use

Squeeze the gel for about the size of a thumbnail and rub it on all areas of the hand, including palms, back of the hands, wrist, under the fingernails until it dries away.


Aloe leaf extract, Glycerine, Sodium Hyaluronate, Betain, Ethanol 65%

Customer Reviews

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B T.

Totally in love with this hand sanitizer! It took me by surprise—it isn't sticky and my hands don't feel especially dried out after using it. Mind you, I do moisturize my hands with lotion throughout the day, but compared to other hand sanitizer gels I've used, this one has been one of the most pleasant. The packaging is very sturdy, too, and easy to store in a pocket inside my purse. Very convenient size—there's a lot more in there than you'd think. Definitely will be repurchasing! Now I want to check out other products from this brand.