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[TOSOWOONG] Blackhead & Sebum Out Nose Pack 8 ea

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Troubled by blackheads, dead skin and sebum? Make your skin absolutely clean! TOSOWOONG Blackhead & Sebum Out Nose Pack is made from natural ingredients, including Morocco lava clay, charcoal powder and volcanic ash.

  • Removes blackheads and minimizes pores.
  • Packed with potent pore-detoxing ingredients like Charcoal and Volcanic Ash, these nose strips will scare the daylights out of your blackheads.
  • They also absorb excess sebum and yank away impurities, leaving your nose gunk-free.
  • After all that butt-kicking, they also soothe and calm your skin with nourishing goodies like Allantoin.

Suggest Use

  1. Apply the strip on cleansed, wet nose. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes or until it dries and hardens.
  2. Then remove gently, starting from the outer edges and working towards the center.


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