[SUR.MEDIC+] Super Solution Kit

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A 3-Step Skincare Total Solution Kit presents you a copious experience on skincare by combining the power of Ceramide, Vitamin C and Peptide contained in each product to help boost skin?? hydration and combat signs of aging, resulting in visibly refined and more radiant-looking.

  1. Super Ceramide 100TM Dual Essence Toner / 130ml
  2. Super Vita 100TM Light Up Serum / 50ml
  3. Super Peptide 100TM Collagen Lifting Cream / 30ml

Super Ceramide 100 Dual Essence Toner : Divided into two layers of ceramide essence and ceramide emulsion that provides hydration, creating a hydrating skin barrier.

  • 5-type multi ceramide: Composed of 5 types of ceramides that create our skin barrier, this toner firms and protects to create a healthy skin.
  • Shaking 2-layer dual toner: Divided into two layers of ceramide, this toner helps deliver hydration to dry skin.
  • Hydrating and gentle for even the most sensitive

Super Vita 100 Light Up Serum : Serum with intense brightening formulas of Vitamin C that helps maintain clear skin as well as Vitamin B3 to vitalize and brightens skin.

  • Vitamin that bring energy: Intense brightening formulas of Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 helps main clear and smooth skin.
  • Vitamin glow: Formulated with vitamins that brings glow and vitality to skin, this serum creates a hydrating glowy layer to keep skin clear and glowy.
  • Nutrients for hydrating and healthy skin

Super Peptide 100 Collagen Lifting Cream : Peptide provides energy and vitality for stressed and tired skin. This lifting cream provides nutrients of collagen to firm and tighten the skin.

  • Peptide vitality: Provides peptide for tired and dull skin into an energized skin.
  • Collagen firmness: Provides nutrients of collagen to firm and strengthen skin.
  • Reduces fine lines: Helps reduce fine lines to firm and strengthen skin

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