[SOMEBYMI] Clear Spot Patch 18 Patches

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Try to use the spot patch to recover your acne scar! Effective for the trouble spot since it is translucent patch and has water resilient possibility to protect the scar. It is composed of various sizes that can be selected according to the anxiety of the skin. It can be stored hygienically by sterile packing and zipper bag type. It is a spot patch that can be used by anyone with a spot or problematic skin. It absorbs the exudates from the wound area and maintains the wet environment, minimizing scar formation and minimizing scar formation. It is a product made easy to use by beveling method of safe and easy hydrocolloid fabric.

10mm x 9 ea + 12mm x 9 ea


    * Prevent secondary infection of wound areas & protect skin (drugs & therapeutic)
    * Similar to skin tone, excellent water resistance! Adhesion! Convenience!
    * Clean look without worries of scar or scab on skin trouble spot.

    Suggested Use

    1. After wash the scar area, gently pat dry and attach the patch.
    2. Patch will swell up which because of the exudation.
    3. If the scar is healed, swollen patch will sink.
    4. If you want to replace the patch, peel off from the edge.


    Polyisobutene, Polyurethane-9, Polyisoprene, Cellulose Gum