[SOMEBYMI] AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Foam 100ml

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All-Kill foam that eliminates the causes of acne! It helps you relax your skin by catching sebum and pimples inside your skin. 


Formulated special solution with BHA remove dead skin cells and sebum and AHA and PHA to increase skin moisture and resilience level.
Active ingredient extracted from Centella Asiactica is highly concentrated and pure power helps to alleviate symptoms of problematic skin.
70% is naturally-derived compound Deep & Mild cleansing helps clean the pores thoroughly without giving irritation to the skin.

Suggested Use

1. Take out some cleanser on the wet hand.
2. Rub until there is rich foam.
3. Gently spread and massage on the face for washing.
4. Rinse with warm water.


Artemisia Princeps Extract: Moisture Soothing Skin Refinement.
Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Water: Sensitive Skin Soothing Protection.
Centella Extract: Skin Protection from Irritation.
Centella Powder Extract: Irritation Soothing Barrier Fortifying.