[SecretKey] Starting Treatment 3 Kit

In stock

Starting treatment kit that contains yeast fermented filter to fill the skin with moisture and form a moisturizing membrane to keep it hydrated for a long time.

  • Essence 50ml + Eye Cream 15g + Cream 25g
  • Essence 50ml : Dual function ESSENCE of Whitening & Wrinkle diminishing including Galactomyces ferment filtrate.
  • Eye Cream 15g: Galactomyces and ceramide, human Oligopeptide fill elasticity and vitality to the eyes and help elastic eye skin care.
  • Cream 25g : It helps to recover skin rhythm, strengthen skin barrier, improve skin elasticity, and moisturize skin 24 hours.

Suggest Use

  1. Essence: Soak a cotton pad, wipe the skin smoothly, and pat gently to help absorption.
  2. Eye Cream: Take an appropriate amount and massage the skin around the eyes gently.
  3. Cream: Take an appropriate amount, spread smoothly, and press the skin gently with the palms to help absorption.

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