[SecretKey] Snail Repairing Gel Cream 50g

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A hypo-allergenic skin soothing repairing gel cream. Offers hydration and a cooling effect without oiliness. Provides your skin with resilience whilst energizing your complexion. The Snail Repairing Cream is not a heavy cream and can be used without worrying about stickiness!

  • Lightweight gel type. Up for moisture and cool feeling!
  • Down in oily feeling! Witch hazel helps permeate into skin without causing any irritation.
  • Moisturizing ability and prevention of moisture loss It keeps skin moisturized by forming a moisture barrier on the skin and minimizing moisture loss.
  • Calming effect on skin problems: Snail slime extract and EGF are effective for calming skin problems.

Suggest Use

  1. Apply to your face and gently pat to absorb.
  2. Can be used in place of a sleeping pack. Apply abundantly before bed and gently massage.

Snail mucus extract, rh EGF, beta-glucan, witch hazel extract, lemon extract, aloe vera extract

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