[SecretKey] Racoony Hydrogel Eye & Multi Patch 60 ea

Eye Patch
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Color :
Marine Racoony
Pink Racoony

Marine Racoony Hydrogel Eye & Multi Patch: Moistness of the ocean and marine energy into the skin. Ecklonia cava, sea grape, seaweed, hijikia, and gelidium grown in the clean and nutrient-rich Jeju water are inside the hydrogel eye patch to present nutrition as well as vitality and moisture to the skin and deliver healthy energy of the ocean. Not only sensitive eyes, but also everyday intensive multi care for various areas which need intensive care, such as lips, forehead, and neck.

  • Marine complex is contained to supply abundant nutrition.
  • Half-moon shaped patch for multi-purpose use on eyes, lips, forehead, and neck
  • Hydrogel is melt in warm water to use as essence,

Pink Racoony Hydro Gel Eye & Multi Patch: When the skin temperature gets higher due to the hot weather, after workout, heater and dryer, the elasticity declines by the damaged dermal layer and wrinkles increase. Also, the skin is easy to become flushed from dilation of blood vessel or troubled from increasing amount of sebum. Pink Racoony hydro-gel eye&cheek patch rapidly reduce the skin temperature with 98% of abundant essence, Moisturize and soothe the troubled skin.

  • 98% rich essence lower skin temperature quickly with hydration soothing skin.
  • 3 kinds of rose complex ingredient gives bright cheeks, smile line and eye areas with elasticity.
  • Eye patch and cheeks patch 2 kinds to give intensive care on areas needed.

Suggest Use

  1. Take a patch with the included spatula, attach the patch on desired areas, remove after 20 ~ 30 minutes, and pat gently to help essence absorption.

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[SecretKey] Racoony Hydrogel Eye & Multi Patch 60 ea
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