[Ryo] Ja Yang Yun Mo Hair Color

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Color *
3.0 Black Brown
4.0 Dark Brown
4.5 Dark Maroon Brown

Ryo Mild Formula Hairdye Cream For Scalp Protection. 87.4% naturally derived ingredients for scalp protection. Contains natural surfactant and natural conditional. Formulated with the fine root of ginseng rich in saponins. Exceptional ingredient obtained through Ryo's original technology using the circulation of differential pressure to leverage active ingredients in ginseng without applying heat. 

  • 7-free formula without ammonia
  • Botanical ingredients for the health of the scalp and hair.
  • 100% concentrated extract of ginseng grown in Korea for nourishing the scalp and hair.
  • Long lasting coverage & vivid color formulation.
  • Creamy essence texture that goes smoothly all the way to the hair's end. Soft essence texture ensures even coloring even when performed alone and gives a shiny coat. 
  • Includes Formula 1 (20g x 3 packets) & Formula 2 (20g x 3 packets)

Suggest Use

  1. For Touch-Up, Use Formula 1 and 2, one packet each.
  2. For Hair Coloring, Use Formula 1 and 2, all three packets each.
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