[rom&nd] Zero Velvet Tint (23 colors)

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MLBB red brick color for a fun experience for everyone! The airy lightweight texture leaves a fresh finish without any stickiness.

01 Melting: Toned down coral shade
02 Joyful: MLBB red stone wall shade
03 Persired: Well-ripened persimmon red
04 Burnt Heart: Unique heart pink
05 Witty: Orange brown shade
06 Deepsoul: Deep red brown

07 Fizz: Cherry coke red

08 Icy: Grape slushie Pink
09 Polar: Sweet muhly pink

10 Fever: Daily complexion coral
11 Flare: Festival red
12 Anne Shirley: Crisp orange red
13 Berry Cake: Bright strawberry red
14 Pecan Tarte: Baked rosy brown shade
15 Rusk Rusk: Orange brown with a hint of red
16 Burny Nude: Nude pink
17 Toasty Nude: Sandy nude shade with a hint of orange

20 FW
18 Petal Tassel: Light and natural MLBB color
19 Earl Grey Shawl: Cozy black-tea-beige color for warm undertones
20 Berry Knit: Berry brown color reminding of tinted leaves and ripened berries
21 Villain Vest: Classic deep red for every undertone

21 SS

22 Grain Nude: Nude-beige shade that blends naturally with the skin tone</li>
23 Vintage Taupe: Mocha-MLBB shade for daily moody-makeup</li>
24 Fade Red: faded red shade that brightens complexion<br>
25 Nerd Pink: Moody pink shade for healthy complexion</li>
Size: 5.5g</p>

Customer Reviews

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Nice tint #25 Nerd Pink

#25 is matte and sort of a muted mauve color. Looks beautiful for cool-colored undertones and lasts a bit, too, not super long though. Maybe cause I have to apply some lip oil or lip gloss on top to prevent the lips from drying out. And even with that my lips are a bit flaky in the evening, so I don’t use it every day, but still love having this as an option for a natural makeup look.




10/10!¡ long lasting and hydrating on lips. The o my thing is that it’s hard to picture the actual color on me (a brown gal) but I went to the actual product website to see more example.

Sun Hee Han

I like the color, but the part that acts as a brush when applying the product to the lips is too thick to apply properly to the lip line, and it is a little inconvenient to prepare a separate brush for lipstick.