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***[rom&nd] *NEW* Mood Pebble Nail (6 colors)

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    Nail polish


* W01 MISTY WAY: Expiration Date: 2024-Jun-6
* W02 WHITE BUBBLE: Expiration Date: 2024-Jun-30
* W03 CONDENSED MILK: Expiration Date: 2024-Jul-24
* W04 BABY PEACH: Expiration Date: 2024-Jul-31
* W05 CREAM SODA: Expiration Date: 2024-Jun-6
* W06 LILAC SOAP: Expiration Date: 2024-Jun-6
This product is a nail care product including the milky S/S NEW COLORS with bright pearls and yutique top toppings added.
This product is a nail care product that shows a thick glossy look that resembles smooth pebbles.
This product comes in a clear, transparent formula, so it applies well without being stuffy even when applied several times.

MISTY WAY: A milky way, blue color like stars in the night sky
WHITE BUBBLE: A bubble topping color like large and small white bubbles at the fingertips
CONDENSED MILK: A evaporated milk color, filled with white milk
BABY PEACH: A salmon peach color like a ripe peach
CREAM SODA: A soft, refreshing milky blue color
LILAC SOAP: A soft lilac color like lilac petals

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Suggested use

It is recommended to use this product with romnd nail remover.
* From the outside, the contents of this product may look separate, but this is a unique characteristic represented in all nail products.
Mix the contents before using this product, then you can use it without any problems.
Make sure to keep the product in cool place because direct sunlight may speed up the formulation separation of the contents.


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