[ReEn] Yungo The Premium Bird's Nest Hair Cleansing Treatment 250ml

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$14.00 $12.00
ReEn YUNGO The Premium Bird's Nest Hair Cleansing Treatment contains the precious of bird's nest essence from natural, through into the hair core, restoring the elegant beauty hair. 
  • Bird's nest ingredients have lots of amino acid, so it makes your scalp & hair healthy.
  • Product with total care cleansing + treatment at once with the bird's nest.
  • Including moisture factor (bird nest ingredients) supplies moist to your head skin.
  • Bird's nest has a mount of Amino acid - Supply strong, smooth, and moisturized hair.

Suggest Use

  1. Squeeze a little shampoo on the palm and spread from the roots to the tips of the hair massage.
  2. Thoroughly rinse the scalp and remove the remains of the shampoo with warm water.
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