[Pyunkang yul] 1/3 Cotton Pad

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Pyunkang Yul 1/3 Cotton pad is made from sponge pulp, remains fuzz-free when patting the face, and reduces the use of a toner to 1/3 of the normal quantity general cotton pads use.

Quantity: 160 ea


* Made of sponge pulp, the pads remain fuzz free and smooth when using them as facial packs or just patting the face.
* The 1/3 Cotton pad delivers remarkable absorbency, while consuming one third of the amount of toner generally used.
* The thickness is consistent and easily adheres along the facial curves. Can also be used as a pack with essence or serum.

Suggested Use

1. For patting, apply a third of the toner amount you normally use, and gently pat it on your face starting from wide areas to narrow areas for maximum absorption.
2. For moisture pack, apply the cosmetics you desire to the 1/3 Cotton Pad, repeatedly fold and unfold the pads to be fully saturated, and apply to the desired area for 10 minutes.
3. Can be used every day by all members of the family.


Pulp Rayon blend

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Diana Ortega
Dont waste your Toner

These pads are great because they save up my toner as I know when I don��t need to go overboard.