***[Peripera] Sugar Glow Tint

In stock
$10.00 $4.99
Color *
01. Strawberry Sweet
02. Grapefruit Spirit
03. Pink Melon
04. Sweet and Sour
05. Cherry Pie Filling
Expiration Date: 2-23-2021 (02. Grapefruit Spirit only), 6-18-2021 (01. Strawberry Sweet & 03. Pink Melon), 6-20-2021 (04. Sweet and Sour)
  • A dewy and glossy finish that completes a plump and lustrous pout!
  • A tint that maintains its original color, subtly staining the lips to last all day.
  • Extraordinarily dewy! Non-sticky glossiness! A hydrating lip tint.
  • Contains Maple syrup, Manuka honey extract, and Muscovaco sugar!

Suggest Use

  1. Use the concave side of the sugar spoon tip to apply glossy goodness onto your lips.

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