[NINE LESS] Breworks Hair Boost Tonic 100ml

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NINELESS BREWORKS HAIR BOOST TONIC is consisting of 468,000ppm real Beer Yeast. It is the richest source of BIOTIN that helps be volumized, strengthen, thicken and stimulated natural hair boost while providing intense moisture, and helps scalp refreshing.

Recommend to
1. People whose oil gets worse after don't washing hair for one day
2. People who is irritated by inflammation, dead skin and itchiness
3. People whose hair get thinner and falls out a lot
Suggested Use

How to use Hair Tonic
1. After shaking the product enough, spray 2-3 times evenly on the completely dry scalp
2. Apply an appropriate amount to the scalp and rub it with your fingers.


Main ingredients:

Brewer's yeast
Help to nutrition for the scalp.

Salicylic Acid
Beneficial for Hair Nutrition, Prevent Scalp Irritation

Helps strengthen hair, retain moisture, and improves the texture of damaged hair

Scalp heat is one of the causes of hair loss, menthol inside the Tonic provides the scalp with a fresh, cooling feeling.

Yuk-mi-ji-hwang (6 kinds of herbal extracts)
The Korean native ginseng extract is a herbal extract based on the Korean native ginseng extract

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