[Mizon] Acence Blemish Out Pink Spot 30ml

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Concentrated spot solution for blemish spot care. Two layered care: Yellow layer that help slough away residue, blackheads and dead skin cells. Pink powder beneath that calms inflamed spots.

  • Yellow layer with AHA& BHA: Calms any skin trouble completely in one night while you are sleeping.
  • Pink powder: Calamine-based pink layer to reduce redness and irritation.
  • Natural ingredients included for a more powerful trouble relief solution. These provide excellent skin relief while protecting it, keeping your skin healthy.

Suggest Use

  1. Yellow layer: Dipping into the first layer preparing the cue tip with desinfecting solution.
  2. Pink powder: Dipping deeper into the pink layer prepares a solution that removes redness.
  3. Yellow fluid layer: When pulling the cue-tip off it adds a second layer of disinfectant

Yellow layer: AHA, BHA, Triclosan, Sulfur, Coptis Japonica Makino. Pink layer: Calamine

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