[MiseEnScene] Perfect Styling Serum 80ml

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Regardless of any style, including curls or volume, it gets the style last all day long.

  • Styling Memory effect that keeps your hair look good all day long. Keeps any hair look perfect all day long, if applied before and after styling.
  • Recovers damaged hair immediately and blocks fine dust. Clinically proven effects to immediately recover 4 kinds of hair damage.
  • Protects hair against heat damage. Protects hair from a hair curler or a dryer.

Suggest Use

  1. After shampoo, gently dry hair with towel after shampoo.
  2. Apply suitable amount of serum onto hair.
  3. Apply more to hair ends and damaged areas. Blow dry.

Damage Cure ComplexTM and 7X Oil CocktailsTM consisting of highly enriched organic argan oil, argan oil, camellia oil, marola oil , olive oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, and jojoba oil, royal jelly, and rose water makes your hair smooth, prevent tangles, and splitting.

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