[MIBA] Cushion Foundation Big Size Soft Puff 2 ea

$4.99 $12.00

Apply your facial makeup with ease using Miba BIG SIZE Soft puff. This teardrop-shaped puff is waterproof and flexible, plus it comes with a strap so you can securely hold it with your fingers. Add this to your makeup stash and have a flawless and fuss-free application!

  • A perfect pair for cushion products.
  • Big Size Makeup Puff for Cushion Foundation, BB Cream, Primer etc.
  • Soft and Bouncy Texture for Natural and Glowy Makeup Look.
  • Pointy Petal Shape to Cover Edges, Wrinkles and Complete Flawless Skin Makeup.
Suggested Use
  1. Suitable for cream, BB cream, liquid foundation, foundation cream, etc.
  2. It is delicate and soft, evenly applied.