[Mediheal] BT21 Face Point Mask 4 ea

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SKU: MediPP14-Mtata

Including Postcard 1ea, bookmark 1ea, and face point mask 4ea.

  • Koya: Energizing & Revitalizing - A skin moisturizing mask sheet that puts nourishment and moisture on dry skin (Enhance moisture & Water light care)
  • Mang: Strengthening & Revitalizing - A calming care vital care mask sheet that turns tired skin into clear, fresh skin(Reinforce skin rhythm & Vital care)
  • Chimmy: Brightening & Vitamin Care - A mask sheet that makes dull skin clear and moist. (Strengthen brightness & Vitamin care)
  • Cooky: Strengthening & Glowing - A mask sheet that strengthens the skin barrier and smooths the disrupted skin. (Reinforce barrier & Reinforce gloss)
  • RJ: Soothing & Calming - A calming mask sheet that comfortably soothes tired skin from external stimuli and stress. (Strengthening enhancements & Soothing care)
  • Shooky: Clearing & Glowing - A mask sheet that cleans the skin and smooth skin like glass. (Manage skin texture & Clean care)
  • Tata: Energizing & Revitalizing - A mask sheet that revitalizes the skin and boost vitality for tired skin.
Suggested Use
  1. Use 5 minutes before makeup for a flawless look.
  2. Use on areas with dry, patchy skin.
  3. When you want to take an #ADORABLE selfie!

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Niacinamide

Koya: Seawater, Spirulina Platensis.
Mang: Lavender Extract, Grape Extract, Raspberry Extract.
Chimmy: Sodium ascorbyl phosphate, Niacinamide
Cooky: Ceramide NP, ACetlye Hexapeptide-8
RJ: Tea Tree Extract, Propolis Extract.
Shooky: KaKao Extract, Madecassoside, Rosemary Extract.
Tata: Apple Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Provence Rose Extract.