[Medi-Peel] Perfect Cooling Skin (Face Type)

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The Perfect Cooling Skin is the summer item that you never knew you needed??™™

It helps with absorption as it tightens up your pores after applying the product that you are using!! It also works like how water condenses on your cold drink, allowing your skin to be hydrated and cool at all times?Œ¬️ðŸâ€?/p>

Medi-Peel Perfect A Cooling Therapy by Medi-Peel 28 Days Cooling Skin. Portable cold massager that reduce heat of the skin with calming effect.


- Care your tired skin with cool massage!
- Cooling massage to make perfect temperature for your skin.
- Cool temperature can help your puffy face & body and helps shrink pore size.
- Leave it in the fridge for 3 hours and apply gel, oil or cream on face before use to maximize the benefits.
- For those who need skin heat control and need calming of the skin with face-line care!

Suggested Use

1. Remove the film before you use the product.
2. Massage your face with Magic Face Cooler.


Sodium Polyacrylate, Water / Non-Cosmetic

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Customer service bad

My package was missing like a two weeks now, they told me put my package in missing case and will reply me back If they can find it. But I really needed for my face and I don't want to wait for like a month. I need a answer.