[KAHI SEOUL] Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm With Jeju Origin Oil 9g



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Did you guys recognize it?

This multi balm has been aired on the broadcasted K-drama 'The King: Eternal Monarch' - the scene when Kim Go Eun applies it on her lips & face while in the car!

💕 trending in Korea
💕 one touch moisturization
💕 simple and easy to use
💕 super light to carry around
💕 applicable everywhere on your face
💕 anti-wrinkle
💕 brightening

This multi-purpose balm stick is all you need for your glow! 

Wrinkle improved with only one time use so quickly making it your favorite.  As soon as you apply it, it creates a natural glow, quickly making it your favorite.

  • WRINKLE-FREE: Kahi Seoul Wrinkle Balm can be used on the neck, dimple area, lips, hair, around the eyes, & eyebrow area. This salmon complex infused balm, which contains Salmon Collagen and Salmon PDRN, increases the synthesis of collagen in the skin to restore the elasticity of the skin's effectiveness.
  • MOISTURIZE DRY SKIN: Kahi Seoul Balm moisturize skin instantly and give you a shiny glow to the area you applied it to. Recommended for those who have skin that require moisturizing even when they go out, have skin that chaps frequently, wants to keep their makeup glowing until the afternoon, are concerned about freckles and wrinkles around their eyes, want to have moist skin that shines all day long
  • EASE OF USE: Kahi Balm is compact and ready to use anytime. This balm can be held with one hand and carried easily in your pocket or purse. With the twist mechanics, you can push up the balm for easy access to the skin. Use it while you are shopping, eating, working, school, before or after you wear your makeup, before or after you wash your face, and when you wake up or go to bed.
  • NATURAL SEOUL: Kahi Multi Balm uses Jeju natural oils such as Schisandra berries, Carrot root extract, Beta carotene, & carrot seed oil. These Jeju fermented oils are quick absorbents that prevent oily skin. It has a high level of affinity with moisture present in the skin, leading to fast absorption that prevents dehydration from starum cornea.
Suggested Use
  1. At the last step of skincare for all skin types, gently apply on the face or dry skin areas.
  2. It can be used before makeup, and after makeup, gently touch the skin with the stick and apply it to the areas that need radiance and moisture to express moist and subtle watery skin.


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