[JMsolution] Glow Luminous Flower Sun Spray Rose SPF50+ PA++++

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With the latest technology, this sunscreen spray from JM Solution nourishes the skin while protecting the sun from sun damage.It lasts up to 12 hours leaving mild rose scents. No white surface, no residue, and super lightweight. With SPF50+, it is possible to effectively cut off UV rays even when the UV rays go out. Waterproof.

Size: 6.09 fl.oz / 180ml

Customer Reviews

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I love it but...

The mist is so fine that I'm never sure if it protects me from the UV lights. BUT, if it works (I hope) it's great.
1. It gives a nice dewy look
2. Doesn't feel sticky,
3. Don't need a mirror. Just spray and go... and pray that it works.

Very Lightweight

This product could be a higher star rating for others, just not for me. This is an aerosol, which is my fault for not doing more research. I thought this was more like a spray (think Habit spray sunscreen). This is more like an aerosolized powder. It is so light, I cannot be sure of the coverage, I just spray and pray it is full coverage. I do wear sunscreen as a facial care routine, so I'm not completely dependent on this spray. That all being said, this is a nice spray, it does not leave behind too much of a cloud, and the smell is very, very light, so I don't feel like I'm spraying or wearing a perfume.

Michelle Stettler
Works well, not fond of the scent

I really like this sunscreen, the spray pattern is super fine and it doesn't have any sort of greasy feel. The only thing I'm not into is the scent, it's a rose scent but very much the old lady rose scent.

Kellie Pacanowski

The reviews mentioned an overwhelming scent, but to be honest, it’s not overwhelming, you can definitely smell the rose but it’s not so strong that you’ll smell like a walking rose bush. The mist is super fine and lightweight , and I’d have no idea if it was spraying on my skin if not for the scent. It works well, we used it on our beach vacation, be sure to reapply as often as needed:

Mei Snow
Strong scent, ultra fine mist

Smells good but it is very strong. The mist is super fine and wothout the scent i wouldnt even know its actually spraying lol. Helps my makeup stay in place and allows me to reapply SPF throughout the day. Def not my main sunscreen because its so light i i dont know how much protection it grants, but to reapply throughout the day its perfect!!!!