[Innisfree] Green Tea Fresh Shampoo 300ml

In stock

Sulfate-free surfactant shampoo formulated with Jeju green tea offers rich bubbles while hydrating & soothing the scalp.

  • Mint formulation for sebum control: Formulated with mint (mint oil + mint extract) to control excessive scalp sebum. It forms a rich lather that thoroughly removes residue from your hair and scalp.
  • Silicon-free: The green tea and silicon-free components add moisture to your hair and refreshes your scalp without leaving residue.
  • Fresh, natural fragrance: A fresh and natural fragrance to refresh your mood!

Suggest Use

  1. Apply adequate amount of shampoo onto wet hair and create lather as you gently massage.
  2. Rinse well until the formula is thoroughly removed from hair.

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