[Heimish] Marine Care Rich Cream 60ml

In stock

Total high-Moisture facial cream for elasticity, wrinkle,hydration and whitening.
Power of pure marine, healing energy deliver effectiveness of seagrass in pristine areas fully. The potency of the seagrass from the low-temperature fermenting of an ultrasonic waves. With the addition of the liposuction technique, heimish have completed the technology to increase skin absorption.

  • 51% of Miracle Marine Water: Boosting skin cleaning effect and protect skin from external harmful factors, keep your skin healthy.
  • Peptide, Plant stem cell exact: Superior anti-aging effect with skin nourishment.
  • The elastic adhesive type gently absorb into the skin.
  • Special superior facial care for relieving stress and absorbing effective ingredients.

Suggest Use

  1. Apply a small amount of cream.
  2. Use your fingers to melt the cream until it becomes clear.
  3. Apply by tapping lightly across the face and neck.

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