[Goodal] Camellia Moisture Barrier Toner 200ml

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Goodal Camellia Moisture Barrier Toner is a weak-acidic moisturizing toner that moisturizes the skin during the initial stage of skin care through the synergy between Camellia Ceramide and the powerfully-hydrating, Camellia. 

  • Non-sticky, moisturizing toner with Camellia Ceramide.
  • Mild weak-acidic pH toner that soothes irritated skin and balances the skin's pH level.
  • A moisturizing formula that rewards the skin with skin-boosting benefits.
  • Camellia Ceramide contains the powerful moisturizers, White Camellia and Eco Ceramide, to create a mild yet powerful barrier care.
  • A slick toner formula that deliver hydration care.

Suggest Use

  1. After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount onto skin and spread evenly.

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