[G9SKIN] Milk Bomb Mask 5 ea

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Milk pack for healthy skin! Genuine milk essence to help you achieve moisturized and healthy skin! A 21ml milk protein essence supply nutrients and moist to skin to achieve moisturized and brightening skin. Milk bomb mask can perfectly adhere to your skin to help the essence to be absorbed. Different from other mask sheets, it has tight structure and soft material to decrease skin stimulation.

  • Strawberry - Brightening: Refreshing strawberry scent. Strawberry extract to adjust skin balance and sebum. Grapefruit extract and berry extract to provide skin radiance. Rice extract and tomato extract to improve skin tone.
  • Chocolate - Pore Care & Dead Skin Cell Care: Sweet chocolate scent. Cacao contains polyphenol to tight pores. Lemon, kiwi, fig extracts to provide dead skin cell care. Coffee extract to provide skin radiance and achieve smooth skin.
  • Pure - Moisturizing: Pure milk scent. Dead cell care radiant skin. Amino acid complex to provide skin energy. Olive oil, aloe, yam roots and kelp extracts to provide moisturizing effect. 

Suggest Use

  1. Unfold the mask and carefully place it on your freshly cleansed face, avoiding the eye and mouth contours.
  2. Remove after 15-20 minutes and tap gently on skin until the serum is completely absorbed.

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