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[Etude House] Soon Jung 10-Free Moist Emulsion 120ml

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SoonJung’s formula helps women and men’s skin to maintain the correct, low pH level. Chemicals with an alkaline pH are detrimental to skin’s protective barrier, making it more prone to dryness and other various external factors. Low pH products calm down, rejuvenate (anti-aging effect) and take care of your sensitive skin.

  • Containing Panthenol and Madecassoside which heals damaged & irritated skin.
  • The hypoalelrgenic and lightweight formula refreshes your skin while providing intensive hydration.
  • Healthy way of getting skin care with Slightly Acidic pH products

Suggest Use

  1. Gently apply and adequate amount and pat over skin until absorbed.
  2. A white layer may appear in the process of rolling, is a moisture layer formed due to its natural ingredients.
  3. Gently pat on for absorption.

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