[COSRX] Pure 100% Cotton Rounds 80ea

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SKU: cosMA68-CR

COSRX Pure Fit Cica Cleanser is a mild cleanser with a rich and gentle foam. 


Skin Type

For All Skin Types


- 2-way cotton pad with two different side: You can use different cotton pads on the front and the back.
Cleansing with the wavy side and skin care with the absorbent side.
- 100% cotton which can wipe your skin without any irritation: Doesn't contain any fluorescent substances, Formaldehyde-releasing agents, and heavy metal. Made from the most skin-friendly fabric.
*This product is made of 100% cotton and may contain brown spots due to the material's natural properties .
- Made with Water jet method: Water jet method allows you to use this cotton pad without lint, sliding, or tearing. Wave pattern which is made naturally in water jet process helps distribute the toner evenly on to your skin. High water pressure from the water jet method binds the fiber inside the fabric so that the cotton pad is stronger and softer.

Suggested Use

Removing Makeup
- Use when removing makeup.
1. Soak the wavy side with lip & eye makeup remover or cleansing water.
2. Remove makeup mildly and softly.
- Toner / Essence
1. Use morning and night, when using toners and other liquid products.
2. Soak the absorbent side with toner and wipe your skin.



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