[BY ECOM] Honey Glow Mist 80ml

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By Ecom Honey Glow Mist is a dewy moisturizing glow mist that delivers honey glow skins as soon as it is sprayed filling moisture and elasticity from the root of the skin. Honey Glow Mist contains 78% of Vitamin tree water, which is well known as a superfood that contains abundant nutrients in leaves and fruits, and it helps to make skin texture transparent and smooth.

#3 in 1 Mist #Moisture #Nutrition #Glow

  • Honey glow effect with the base of honey extract and 78% of Vitamin tree water.
  • Dewy moisturizing & hydration long lasting with various plant extracts.
  • Low pH base that matches the skin's pH.
  • Fine foggy spray and a wide angle of spray.

Suggest Use

  1. When you feel dry, put a distance of 20-30cm from your face.
  2. Close your eyes and evenly spray the entire face.

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