[Benton] Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam 120ml

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SKU: BentonC20-F

Contains over 10% of Green Tea from BoSeong, the Home of Green Tea in Korea, which helps fresh cleansing for sensitive, oily, delicate skin.Smooth texture with fine foam of botanical surfactants mildly cleanses without irritation.With moisture and nutrient from Camellia Oil and botanical ingredients, provides a smooth finish without tightness.

Size: 4.23 oz / 120g

Customer Reviews

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Good stuff

I really like it. Foams well, treats my skin well. Good content. Enjoyable. Nice smell, too. Pairs well with the snail recovery cream.

Sensitive skin beware

I don’t normally write reviews but this is the worst impression a skincare product has ever left on me, which is sad because I like other Benton products. To start, the smell is so bad I almost couldn’t stand washing my face with it. The texture is not like any cleanser I’ve ever used, it’s really hard to wash off and the best way I can describe it is like a thick, sticky lotion. After five seconds of washing my face with this, my skin started burning and I tried to wash it off but it really stuck to my face. I thought I got it all off, but it ended up getting stuck in my eyelashes and it burned my eyes. There’s no reason a cleanser should be so hard to wash off! After washing it all off, my face had turned bright red and it stung. The smell also lingered, it felt like I had to wash my face again. Maybe it’s just my skin type but this was really, really painful

Patricia Stevenson
The nicest face wash EVER

Love this stuff so much. Cleans your skin and leaves it feeling wonderful.