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A natural body oil to keep your body balance and flow.

  • Juniper Berry Trimming Massage & Body Oil is a plant-derived aroma massage oil formulated with Juniper Berry, Cypress and Frankincense oil, helping keep body balance and flow.
  • Lavender Relaxing Massage & Body Oil is well blended with Lavender, Geranium, Majoram essential oils and its scent helps for psychological stability.

Suggest Use

  1. Apply oil to the skin and massage it in circular motion starting at the feet and moving upwards, concentrating on problem areas.

Juniper Berry oil: sweet scent of Conifers and Balsam provides purifying effect.
Grapefruit peel oil: fresh and sweet Citrus scent relives and soothes your stressed skin.
Cypress oil: a sort of conifer and it brings mild stimulation to skin.
Palmarosa oil: refreshes your mind and body.
Lemon oil: its strong, purifying and citrus scent brings stimulation on lymph-massage.

Lavender flower oil: helps relieve and calm tension.
Bergamot fruit oil: helps cool down and heat up.
Chamomile: makes your mind and body be peaceful.
Marjoram: warms your body and makes you feel comfortable.

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