[About me] Red Recipe Cleansing Milky Balm 90ml

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Wipe clean with red and fill up the skin with milk!

  • Easy to use and soft texture with creamy milky balm texture : Melts when applied to skin to cleanly remove makeup
  • Cleanses and delivers vital red ingredients : Creates a bright, lively skin foundation with the power of 5 red flowers, 3 red super foods, and vitamins from red fruits
  • Milk cleansing for a soft finish : Nutrient-rich milk ingredients smooth dry, rough skin

Suggest Use

  1. Take appropriate amount with the built-in spatula or dry hand.
  2. Remove your makeup as if you're massaging dry face.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Red Flower Complex:  Five red petals (damask roses, desert roses, alpine rose, peony, lotus) that are helpful for bright, lively skin care

Red Super Food & Vitamin Fruit : Red Superfoods known to be effective against antioxidants (Pomegranate, tomato, red wine)
Fruits rich in vitamins B and C and 17 amino acids (Hawberry)

Milk Extract: Nutrition, moisturizing care

Calamine: Provides soothing care to rough skin after cleansing and stress protection

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