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Moisturizes and moisturizes areas where elasticity and moisture are concerned, focusing on moisture and elasticity.

  • 81% French collagen for plump and resilient skin
  • TDS technology or Transdermal Delivery System, developed by Samyang Tech., manufacturer of pharmaceutical products
  • Transfer of active ingredients deep into the dermal layer
  • Infused with 77,000ppm collagen made by a prominent French supplier of 178 years history. Other collagen masks would usually contain only 20~100ppm.
  • 17 amino acids to moisturize and improve skin tone
  • Peptides to improve appearance of wrinkles and promote skin resilience
  • Damascus Rose Water for hydration & therapeutic benefits

Suggest Use

  1. After cleansing, apply toner. Take the mask pack and remove the white film on one side.
  2. Attach the upper half with your eyes at the center and the lower half with your mouth at the center.
  3. Remove the mask after 30 minutes and absorb the essence remaining on the skin by lightly tapping it with your fingers.

Peptide complex, 81% of Collagen extract, Hyaluronic acid, LEX, Elastin

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