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[About me] MediAnswer Collagen Firming Up Cream 50ml

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Collagen protecting cream contains vital nutrients for an accumulative effect that ensures smooth, supple skin.

  • High volume of hydrolyzed collagen extract firms and moisturizes skin
  • Collagen supplied by WEISHARD, a 178-year-old French supplier of high-quality collagen products
  • Soft texture embraces the skin, forming an excellent skin barrier
  • Contains ceramide and carnosine for firm, healthy skin

Suggest Use

  1. After using the emulsion, spread a bean-sized dollop evenly over the skin for effective absorption.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Extract: Contains 64.29% of hydrolyzed collagen extract from France
Ceramide: Protects and strenghtens skin barrier for healthier skin
Carnosine: Protective barrier component that delivers antioxidant efficacy
Wrinkle improvement, whitening components: Adenosine, Niacinamide

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