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A must-have!

I’ve been using this first treatment essence for several years. It brightens my skin, and has smoothed out wrinkles on my forehead. This in the rose edition are staples in my skin care collection.

Mineral Sunscreen Stick

If you're looking for a mineral sunscreen vs a chemical one, look no further.
This sunscreen stick has both Zinc and Titanium Dioxide, and it's proven that when used *together* they work better to block out the sun's harmful rays.
I use this on my face and neck everyday, sunscreen is a must for a wrinkle-free skin. :)

Didn’t not receive the package

Didn’t not receive the package I tried to contact you guys by email no one responded

[Huxley] Toner; Extract It 120ml

Good fit, stayed moist for over 30 minutes, pleasant subtle scent

A nice and juicy sheet mask that stayed moist for over 30 minutes. There's a subtle pleasant scent to it that I quite enjoyed, but can't quite put my finger on what it smelled like. The fit was good for my face and the sheet mask didn't move around when I was snacking. Glad I bought a couple of these, I would happily use it again.

Love it

Love how it smells and it is very good at moisturizing my dry hand skin.

So refreshing and soothing!

I’ve been using this toner at night after I cleanse and it’s such a treat for my skin. It hydrates and invigorates my skin so well!

First time ordering, quite impressed

Absolutely love the Holika Holika aloe face wash I brough. The cherry on top was that KOCO was sweet enough to include a free sample of another face wash with my order. Will be ordering from here again in the future.

Love it

I’m very leased with this, buildable coverage and nice foundation

Thick gel that works

Wow this is a thick gel. I’ve never seen a lotion like this. But it soaks right into my skin and makes it feel so moisturized. My skin looks and feels luminous after I use it.

Love it

This produce leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy for days!!

Love this product

Absolutely in love with this formula! Perfect for hydration

Good price

So good product good price !! I luv it

Energizing hydration

I love this watery lotion - the fact that it has over 80% fermented tea extract, together with the immediate freshness and hydration that it provides my skin, makes it a perfect addition to my daytime skincare routine. It immediately makes my skin feel plump and perks it up! The sale price makes it a steal - I bought two!!:)

Vintage Coin is Gorgeous

The eye shadow is tiny. To put it in perspective if I swipe all 3 colors for a gradient look with just the top of my middle finger that would be the whole pan.
It wasn't an issue for me but some people might be expecting a larger pan.
This eye shadow is very pretty and has the loveliest shimmer.
You really can't go wrong with the brown/wine look and the staying power is excellent even with the shimmer.
10/10 would recommend.

Very Nice order

Lovely lotion and feels good

holy grail ✨

i started using these while i was studying abroad at Yonsei. i couldn't find a chemical peel or physical scrub that really did to my skin what i needed it to do, so i tried this product out due to the ingredients list. the two-sided cotton round is perfect for a gentle exfoliation, that alone sold me. i use these maybe twice a week and they make my skin feel baby soft. your skin looks so smooth and like glowing from within with bare minimum effort. i bought an extra so i don't run out because i love it that much ✨

The Best Eye Cream

Very moisturizing! Helps with all the concerns around the eye area, puffiness, fine lines and firmness!

Rose Wine

I recently watched True Beauty and was inspired by the eye makeup: feminine, sheer, and glittery.
I wanted to duplicate the looks so I got the Rose Wine palette and I am beyond impressed by the color payoff and how soft the colors are.
This palette is a good intro to Korean eye makeup -- the colors are wearable everyday.

Great for cystic pimples

I put one over the cystic acne I've had on my chin for 2 weeks that just would not heal or drain. After 2 days the pimple was flat and healed. I am impressed. Make sure to put the patch on the pimple right after washing and before anything else, even toner. It will stick best and work best this way.

Nice smell

Smells really nice and has very subtle glow, it’s hydrating, doesn’t dry up too fast

Very moisturizing

I have bone dry skin so I love this serum, it helps plump up my skin and absorbs quickly despite being quite rich, but doesn't break me out

***[BellaMonster] Solution Pad 70 Pads
Great for body/back acne

I have had stubborn back acne for years, these pads really help keep it in check without drying or irritating my skin

Love this!

Super love this shower gel. It doesn’t dry my skin and is working good on my bacne too.

Cleanses very well

Great option to remove makeup and/or sunscreen from the face. I use it as a first of two-step cleansing process. Moreover, sometimes I use it to remove sunscreen from the arms as well. I have combined skin with some sensitivity. I like this product a lot, it is not very harsh, however, next time I will go with same brand and product but for sensitive skin.