크리스털 Intensive Whitening Cream 50g

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Tosowoong Crystal Intensive Whitening Cream delivers intense moisture and nutrition to rough and dry skin and takes care of skin to be healthy. As containing functional ingredients for whitening, it helps to reduce dark spots, freckles and blemishes.

  • Whitening: It does not only deliver nutrition, moisture and skin luminosity, but also improves skin tone and reduce blemishes.
  • Luminous skin: The result is so obvious! It improves skin luminosity with fast absorption.
  • Whitening/Moisture: It improves skin clarity as reducing blemishes and delivers intense moisture.
  • Moist Skin: It is good for moisture cram or night cream as well with full of hydration and moisture.

Suggest Use

  1. After washing off, apply an appropriate amount with a spatula.
    (This product contain large amount, so it is better to use spatula than hands)
  2. Tap on the forehead, chin, cheeks and massage lightly for your skin to absorb the product.
  3. Lastly, cover your face with both hands and press gently to increase the absorption with body temperature.

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