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[Nature Republic] Vitapair C Dark Spot Serum Special Set

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Vitapair C Dark Spot Serum Special Set comes with Vitapair C Dark Spot Serum 45ml + Vitapair C Dark Spot Serum 10ml + -Vitapair C Gel Cream 10ml + Cotton Dry Pads 25ea. Vitapair C Line is meticulously crafted using a cold-brew method that derives natural extracts for 24 hrs. This ensures that our formula is gentle, yet effective. Our Vitapair C Line contains 10% Green Jeju Lemon and centella extract to deliver a brightening and soothing dose of vitamin C. 

  • Vitapair C Dark Spot Serum 45ml + Vitapair C Dark Spot Serum 10ml + -Vitapair C Gel Cream 10ml + Cotton Pads 25ea
  • A vitamin-c packed toner that delivers a boost of hydration and moisture, while brightening and balancing skin.
  • Made with 10% Green Jeju Lemon extract, centella asiatica, and vitamin c for a refreshing finish. Add this exfoliating toner for a glowing complexion!
  • This serum that contains 79.9% of Jeju Green Lemon + Vitamin C + Centella Extracts to moisturize skin texture and intensively care for spots.
  • An easy-to-use blemish spot serum for extremely dry and sensitive skin.
  • This gel-type serum provides non-sticky adhesion and moisture.

Suggest Use

  1. Pump out an appropriate amount and apply it gently the direction of your skin texture..

??�️ Contains 10% Fresh Jeju Lemon + Vitamin C

Main Ingredients: Jeju Organic Green Lemon Extract, Niacinamide, Tranexamic Acid, Centella Extract 1,000ppm containing Vitamin C derivative, AHA / BHA / PHA, Vitamin C.

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