마린 루미 너스 펄 리프트 업 브이 마스크 펄 10pcs

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A facial V-Lift Up sheet utilizes a special fabric with excellent elasticity that tightly firms the face silhouette, refining facial and jaw lines.

  • A slimmer and lighter special fabric holds flower energy to tighten your facial line.
  • Luminous Skin with 3-layer Hyaluronic Acid and Pearl Ingredients
    Deep-moisturising by hyaluronic acid and moisture complex, giving a beautiful shining skin.
  • 5 types of marine energy which grow with strong vitality inside the rough sea supplies moisture to the strengthless and saggy skin.
  • With 3 noble ingredients of pearl protein which is effective for moisturizing the skin.

Suggest Use

  1. After cleansing the skin. Attach the lifting sheet from the center of the jaw.
  2. Apply it by giving the same pressure and pull slowly to hook both rings on your ears.
  3. After 30-60 minutes, remove the sheet and gently massage the both cheek.

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